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1rst TV Commercial for Denizen Rum: A Lesson in Party Mixology

April 13, 2011

In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve created our first tv commercial here at Denizen.

It’s the story of one poor soul who ran out of truly unique rum drinks and another luckier man who knows how to mix well with others. It was inspired by our earliest and loyal fans.

Enjoy please.


Special thanks to the good souls at Under The Gunn Productions & MicKira Productions including:

  • Executive Producers: Mic Reed, Heath Gunn and Phill Curls
  • Producer: Wayne Lasane
  • Director: Brad Spencer
  • Writer: Marisa DeVonish
  • Director of Photography: Dab of Spinflight Studios

You are all liberated spirits helping us free the flavor of cocktails and for that we are grateful.

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