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Best Cocktail Bars: Dutch Kills

May 27, 2011

See that entrance? No, not the transmission place. And no, don’t get fooled by the engineering sign. That simple white neon sign behind the van. There. That’s the entrance to one of the best cocktail bars in New York. It’s not even in Manhattan but over in Long Island City. It’s called Dutch Kills named after the neighborhood (‘kills’ is Dutch for stream) but it’s gaining a reputation world-wide for …Read More >

Simple Easy Mojito Rum Drink Recipe

May 20, 2011

Aaaahhhhhhh….the Mojito. Have the gods of mixology ever invented anything so perfect for a hot summer day? Derived from the Spanish word ‘mojadito’ for ‘a little wet’, the mojito, when perfectly mixed, is a sweet bubble of citrus, mint and rum, glorious rum. Here is a simple, easy cocktail recipe put together by the master mixologists at Denizen. Simple Easy Rum Drink Recipe For The Traditional Mojito 1 1/2 oz …Read More >

Best Cocktail Bars: The Rum House

May 12, 2011

Want to drink like your daddy did? In this our second post on the Best Cocktail Bars, we try to save the world from bland, boring cocktails and bland, boring cocktail bars to introduce you to a classic reborn: The Rum House. Like the Camaro, Ray-Ban Wayfarers,  and Betty White, some classics are worth re-visiting. And that’s what the boys who brought you Ward III in Tribeca have done with …Read More >

Add Some Spice with this Cinco de Mayo Drink Idea

May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the freedom of Mexico from the oppression of French invaders in 1862 so, being liberated spirits ourselves, we thought we would help you throw off the tyranny of tequila on Cinco de Mayo for something that will spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration. ¡Disfruta! Congo Fire In a shaker muddle: 4 wedges of Mexican lime in 3/4 oz Trinidadian Congo pepper syrup* add 2 ozs …Read More >