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10 Best Rum Mixes You Never Knew About

July 28, 2011

Martin Cate had a great point in our post on Smuggler’s Cove last week; no other spirit has the versatility of rum. As befitting its amazing history, it travels extraordinarily well. Yet, sadly too many people experience it only in a standard rum and coke. And coke is such a strong flavor it dominates the taste of most rums; trapping the great taste of the rum. You may be one …Read More >

Best Cocktail Bars: Smuggler’s Cove

July 21, 2011

“Best Cocktail Lounge of the Year” “Best New Cocktail Lounge in America” “Top 3 Spirit-Specific Bars in America” The list goes on for Smuggler’s Cove. So for this, our fourth monthly installment of the Best Cocktail Bars, we travel to the epicenter of West Coast rum mixology, San Francisco, to profile this new but already legendary bar. Atmosphere What if you could go on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride …Read More >

Mixologist of the Month: Chris Hannah

July 14, 2011

You can’t get very far profiling the top mixologists without running into Chris Hannah. So it’s only natural in this – our 3rd post in the top mixologists in our Mixologists of the Month series –  that we wander on down to New Orlean’s and shine the light on the man behind the bar at Arnaud’s The French 75. Almost 100 years old, Arnaud’s is a legend on Bourbon Street in …Read More >

Rum Drink Recipe for Independence Day: Liberation Punch!

July 4, 2011

With a name like Denizen we wanted to provide you with something special for Independence Day. So what cocktail drink ingredients best provide a literal and historical connection to the American Revolution? How about the famously contentious tea and one of the en vogue spirits of the colonies, Caribbean rum? This Liberation Punch from master mixologist Marshall Altier is a nod to the punches that would have been popular in …Read More >