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A Look at Hampden Estate

April 17, 2015

Denizen Aged White and Merchant’s Reserve were developed to have a signature flavor that would stand out in great cocktails.  To obtain that flavor profile, our blends are created from character-filled rums that were sourced from some of the finest distilleries in the Caribbean.  One of those distilleries is the legendary Hampden Estate in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica.

Hampden Estate has a long history of sugar production and rum making in Jamaica. The property was originally surveyed back in 1743 and from 1779 rum was being sold out of the ground floor of the Estate’s Great House. Throughout the years they have become well-known for Heavy Pot Still rums and using generations-old techniques that have been passed down from family members and Master Distillers.


In 2003, the Jamaica Sugar Company took over operations and continued to produce the same traditional high ester rums for export to Europe. In 2009, the Hussey family bought the estate at auction from the Jamaican Government. The new owners have enthusiastically taken over with a goal of respecting and promoting the history of the property and continuing to pump out their unique style of rum.


The high ester Hampden rums are legendary in the cane spirits community and have a very distinct flavor profile.  Unlike most distilleries, no commercial yeast is used during fermentation here. Instead, cultures are initially grown and regenerated in outdoor natural vats, then combined with the wash and stored in over 50 traditional cedar tanks within the distillery. It ferments for 7 days and is then left to settle for another 7.


The wash is then transferred to one of four Forsyths copper pot stills and distilled using traditional methods. Hampden Estate makes a range of rums which are used for creating unique expressions in the Caribbean, Europe and North America.  Their rums help add that funky Jamaican pot still kick to our products and we are proud to have them in our blend.

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