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10 Best Rum Mixes You Never Knew About

July 28, 2011

Martin Cate had a great point in our post on Smuggler’s Cove last week; no other spirit has the versatility of rum. As befitting its amazing history, it travels extraordinarily well. Yet, sadly too many people experience it only in a standard rum and coke. And coke is such a strong flavor it dominates the taste of most rums; trapping the great taste of the rum.

You may be one of these imprisoning your rum. It may be because, like many, you’re simply not aware of everything you can mix rum with. You also may not have access to some of the more exotic ingredients that many professional mixologists do. You may be just looking to find what you have to mix rum with in your fridge.

Looking in fridge for rum drink mix

So, as part of our mission to free the flavor of rum, we present 10 rum mixes you never knew about.

1. Club Soda

One of the simplest of mixes around. You can use it to cut the dominating taste of cola -try 1 part cola and 2 parts soda – or, better yet, just use soda and rum itself. Add a little lime juice. By itself, with a quality rum it’s refreshing and light and delicious. And you’re already halfway to the classic Mojito. Here’s a simple easy Mojito recipe.

2. Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice and rum go together like a patio and summer. Add some fresh mint and soda water and you have another wonderfully fresh and delicious drink.

3. Coconut Water

This one’s a suggestion from our mixologist friend Marshall Altier. It’s a nice mixer easy to find particularly at stores like Whole Foods. If you add a little lime juice the flavor gets even better. As Marshall notes, the inherent body and balanced sweetness of Denizen’s tropical fruit notes pairs well with coconut water.

4. Coffee

A heavier rum that doesn’t get overpowered by the strong java flavor mixes well with coffee. Or try a nice rum cream with a nicely done espresso. And, as rum ambassador Edward Hamilton, says “You can’t lie on a beach and drink rum all day if you don’t start in the morning.”

5. Orange Juice

Born in the tropics, rum and fruit juices offer amazing taste combinations and great opportunities to explore. This includes OJ; the most commonly found juice of them all.

Orange Juice Variety for rum drinks

The combined juices that are being marketed at your grocery story promise interesting combinations like orange strawberry. Combine OJ with pineapple juice for instance and you have a Cuban Screw.

6. Pineapple Juice

Pina Colada


While most know pineapple juice from the almost-too-popular Pina Colada, there’s many other great combinations including simply straight-up with rum. Mix with amaretto and you have a Yahoo. Mix with orange juice and you have The Eclipse. See how easily the world of flavor opens up?

7. Grapefruit Juice

Equal parts grapefruit juice and OJ, create an A La Donna for another refreshing tropical taste.

8. Cranberry Juice

For a lighter, refreshing juice-based rum drink, mix cranberry juice with some ground mint leaves and club soda. Lip-smacking delish with a well-blended rum.

9. Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit image for Rum Mixes

Welch’s makes a nice passion fruit juice that, combined with a good white rum, makes a wonderful exotic tropic drink that’s not heavy. Try adding a touch of coconut juice or lime. Experiment!

10. Ginger Beer

And now for something completely different…Ginger beer combined with rum makes a wonderful concoction known as the Dark & Stormy. Worth trying.


This is only a starter list. Do you have your own unusual flavor combo?

The key is to start with a good quality rum that plays well with others and free it by combining it with new flavors. You’ll discover what many others are: the amazing versatility and subtlety of the world’s most liberated spirit.

Of course it’s always smart to consult your nearby professional mixologist to see it done right in the first place. They can help you free the flavor.

Specifically crafted in Amsterdam for the new age of mixology, Denizen Rum is an award-winning aged white rum that has received critical reviews, such as Highly Recommended 93 Rating in the recent Ultimate Beverage Challenge. It’s available in great cocktail bars in the New York area and online at sites such as


3 Responses to “10 Best Rum Mixes You Never Knew About”

  1. Rum is hot! At the recent Tales of the Cocktail, rum assumed a place of honor, directly next to the myriad of vodka, gin and Scotch. Bourbon is still popular, but rum is the up and coming spirit hero with new pot still rums making a great comeback.

    Rum is not just for breakfast when on Island Time any longer. It is as serious as Cognac, especially when aged in used Cognac oak!

    Cheers! wb

  2. How about cider, black tea, lots of other teas, cherry juice, pomegranate juice, eggnog, fruit punch, watermelon juice, lemonade, milk, tonic water, even some beers.

  3. With more and better rums coming to the market, you don’t have to over everything up with a lot of juice, cola or other things. Look for something that compliments the flavor of the rum in your glass.

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