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Add Some Spice with this Cinco de Mayo Drink Idea

May 5, 2011
Cinco de Mayo celebrates the freedom of Mexico from the oppression of French invaders in 1862 so, being liberated spirits ourselves, we thought we would help you throw off the tyranny of tequila on Cinco de Mayo for something that will spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Congo Fire

Congo Fire Rum Drink Recipe

In a shaker muddle:
  • 4 wedges of Mexican lime in
  • 3/4 oz Trinidadian Congo pepper syrup*
  • add 2 ozs Denizen
  • Shake
  • Serve “messy” by rolling all ingredients into a double old fashioned glass
*Congos are a large Habanero pepper local to Trinindad. Red in color and very hot, they should be de-seeded and chopped and 1/4 cup placed into one pint of 1:1 ratio simple syrup overnight and then strained before using.

Perfect for a beautiful sunny day of freedom.

Free the Flavor!

Denizen is a new, award-winning choice: a blend of three different styles of rum from Jamaica and Trinidad meticulously selected by master blenders in Amsterdam so that you can fully enjoy the new golden age of rum mixology.

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