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Happy National Rum Day from Denizen Rum

August 16, 2013

We at Denizen would be the first to admit that it seems like there is a national holiday for every spirit and cocktail out there these days.

With National Holidays for Rum, Bourbon, Margaritas and the rest, it’s hard to keep up with the calendar and this can give us holiday fatigue.

Today, National Rum Day is a special day, however, in so far as it is the culmination of something that has taken shape spontaneously here in New York City – National (New York) Rum Week.

The rather impromptu electricity that has made New York the center of the Rum Universe this week was sparked by the good folks at Cienfuegos where we were delighted to take part in its week long celebration of the spirit by creating a night around the greatest Rum cocktail culture and era in history, Havana Cuba circa the Era of Prohibition in the U.S.

Aside from our night at Cienfuegos, other Rums have offered up an aray of tastings and cocktails made by guest bartenders from the NYC community.

This week of rum covered events in the East Village suddenly found its way to some of our favorite spots outside of the island in Brooklyn like Dram, Donna, and Cubana Social, where we will be hosting another night of revelry on this very night.

While this is great excuse to get out and try some of the many brands that have helped put this week together, we also want to encourage this week to be one to get more educated on the wide, wide world of Rum. We hope that this little blog helps open some doors to the landscape of spirit today.

As we’ve said so many times before, the double-edged sword with Rum is that it can be made ANYWHERE in just about any method of  distillation, aging, flavoring and filtering. It may also be a single expression or a blend carefully crafted for a consistent complexity and flavor.

This makes for the most diverse and interesting spectrum of the spirits category in the world that can range from sub-par disitillates covered with tropical fruit flavoring made in a lab to some tof the most nuanced and carefully crafted spirits the world has ever seen.

We look forward to Rum Week 2014 here in New York City.

Take a taste. Know your Rum.

Happy National Rum Day from Denizen.

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