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World’s Best Rum Bars: Hale Pele

February 17, 2014
Hale Pele's back bar: An altar built to the Gods of Rum

Nestled in a neighborhood of Northeast Portland, OR is a little piece of rum history.  Hale Pele has only been open for a few years but has quickly become Portland’s premiere purveyor of Tiki culture and a nationally recognized temple of rum housing an extensive collection of rums from all corners of the globe.     Their current bottle count is around 240, but it fluctuates as rare bottles drain …Read More >

World’s Best Rum Bars: Rum Club Portland

June 2, 2012

  “Situated philosophically and geographically somewhere in between The Slammer and Beaker and Flask”    The phrase as it reads on the menu at Rum Club in southeast Portland is a manifesto of sorts.  Rum Club is, ostensibly, right there in-between one of Portland’s bastions of haute cuisine and cocktails, Beaker and Flask, and one of the city’s most beloved dive bars, The Slammer. The Club strives to maintain a pretense …Read More >