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Rum is for Lovers – The Airmail Cocktail

February 14, 2013
Airmail Cocktail

  Who says rum can’t be romantic? Cuba seems like it must have been a pretty sexy place to be during the first half of the 20th century and it was swimming in rum and rum cocktails. It’s bartenders, and a handful of American ex-pats who got to continue their craft on the island during Prohibition, invented a long list of now famous cocktails that we’ve discussed at length in …Read More >

The Rebirth of Rum: Labor Day Rum Punch

August 31, 2012
Denizen_T-Shirts 2011

Yet another summer has come and nearly gone, marked by the coming of this weekend’s Labor Day holiday, here in the States. As summer fades we like to get together with friends and family to celebrate the passing of the season and our dwindling time to enjoy the daylight here in the Northeast. If you find yourself hosting your friends this Labor Day, Punch is a great way to serve …Read More >

The Rum Diaries: Rum’s Best Mixes – Dissecting the Daiquiri

March 25, 2012

Spring weather has arrived early this year and it’s high time to begin to celebrate some island inspired drinks from throughout the ages incorporating juices and other fresh ingredients. From it’s controversial and humble origins in a tiny village in Cuba, one of the world’s most famous yet misunderstood drinks is the Daiquiri. Far from a drink that should be relegated to a blended mix of swill rum and pre-packaged artificially flavored …Read More >

The Rum Diaries: Valentine’s Day Edition

February 12, 2012

Playing Cupid can be a fun thing to do for a bartender. But what are the best mixers for rum to use at home to make a delicious and interesting drink for your Valentine? While it may be contrived Hallmark Holiday sentimentalism, the ultimate goal is to make your sweetheart happy. We have a classic cocktail for you…  For this Valentine’s Day edition of The Rum Diaries, let’s do a …Read More >

The Rebirth of Rum

January 26, 2012

By: Marshall Altier Another exciting year has passed us by in the world of cocktails and spirits. Everyone wants to know: What will be the next cocktail trend or hot spirit to break through into the market? Is it spicy drinks, low-cal skinny girl concoctions? Molecular mixology re-discovered with nitrous oxide frosted gloss? Hogwash. We would posit that the answers lie in the annals of the past. If we do a …Read More >

The Rum Diaries: Rescuing Classic Rum Cocktails

December 6, 2011

Some of our favorite drinks have been lost to obscurity and cast aside by their sheer lack of panache – the result of being made with rums that have been stripped of their magnificent natural flavor and aroma. This edition finds us with a bit of a cold spell setting in as we approach the end of the year. To get us through the season, here are some interpretations of …Read More >

Passing the Holidays with the Flowing Bowl: Denizen Rum Punch for your Holiday party

November 19, 2011

Celebrating with The Flowing Bowl: Denizen Rum Punch for the Holiday Party It’s that time of year again for hosting your very own happy chisma-channa-kwanza fetivities… With the holiday season approaching rapidly, many of us are stuck scrambling for flavorful and economic ways to entertain guests and provide that little bit of lubrication to get the party started. Lucky for us that Punch has come back en vogue in recent …Read More >

10 Best Rum Mixes You Never Knew About

July 28, 2011

Martin Cate had a great point in our post on Smuggler’s Cove last week; no other spirit has the versatility of rum. As befitting its amazing history, it travels extraordinarily well. Yet, sadly too many people experience it only in a standard rum and coke. And coke is such a strong flavor it dominates the taste of most rums; trapping the great taste of the rum. You may be one …Read More >

A Rum Drink Recipe for Emancipation Day and/or Tax Day

April 14, 2011

Your taxes are due Monday. They would normally be due Friday but because Washington is celebrating Emancipation Day that day your taxes are not due until Monday. Hooray! Why not celebrate the historic freedom from slavery and your own freedom of two more days to live tax-free with this special Denizen rum drink and masterwork of mixology we call… Rebel with a Cause 2 oz Denizen Rum 3/4 oz fresh …Read More >

Welcome to Rum Mixology

March 31, 2011

Hello world! We’re out to save you. We’re here to save you from bland, flavorless cocktails and we’re going to do it one rum drink at a time. During Prohibition, the golden age of the cocktail was shackled and, along with it, the great American craft of mixing delicious spirits into glorious cocktails. Since that time, the flavor of rum has been distilled out of it by mass producers seemingly intent …Read More >