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The Rebirth of Rum: Rum Culture lives at Rum Connection

November 12, 2012


“Rum Connection is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest news, exclusive articles and critical information about the tradition and culture of rum.”  


This opening phrase, excerpted from the “INFO’ tab on the Rum Connection site gets right to the heart of what the gentlemen behind this portal to all things rum wanted to share with their readers and community…the culture of rum.

Like so many other storied spirits, rum enjoys a culture and history all its own and is uniquely tied into the story of founding the new world. Rum Connection is a state of mind, you could say. It congers up images of tropical places and lazy days. Being denizens of the Florida Keys and diligent students of rum, Mike Streeter and “Bahama” Bob Leonard, the minds behind Rum Connection are uniquely qualified to speak to what rum culture is, as they have turned their passion for the juice into a lifestyle.

“To us, that meant detailed information about new and interesting rum brands, but we hoped to go way beyond that.  We wanted to approach rum as a lifestyle rather than just a drink”.

Rum’s Renaissance as a cocktail ingredient and sipping spirit alike has hit a fever pitch as small communities of aficionados in geographically separate pockets are able to connect using the virtual world. There are too may online communities dedicated to sugar cane spirits to list and we are a fan of a handful that will pop up from time to time on our little site. With annual festivals in Berlin, The UK, Miami, and all over The Caribbean and beyond, rum has cast a vast net over the globe just like its own history as beverage alcohol. There is a constant barrage of new brands coming to market and distilleries opening and closing and being bought and sold every day and Rum Connection will give you the scoop.


“We wanted to approach rum as a lifestyle rather than just a drink” 

                                                                                                                                                – Mike Streeter, Rum Connection Founder


Launched in 2007, Rum Connection has helped spread the gospel of rum by presenting a non-biased, user-friendly portal to get your own personal fill of Rum Culture. The good gents at Rum Connection have shown themselves to be gatekeepers of rum culture and truly free spirits.

“Our work publishing Rum Connection has brought us to some amazing places over the last 5 years and we’ve made some incredible friends.  We can’t wait to see where the next 5 years will take us”.

We’ll be following along. We salute you, Rum Connection.

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