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The Rebirth of Rum | Rum For All (Seasons)

April 18, 2013

Fresh off the heels of one of the year’s premier rum events, Rum For All Rumbustious Rum Bar at Astor Center NYC, Denizen Rum continues to turn heads in the world of spirits by showing extraordinarily in blind tastings and beyond. We were extremely lucky to take part in this elite, invite-only group of rum producers chosen by none other than spirits guru F Paul Pacult, co-founder of the Beverage Alcohol Resource (B.A.R) program which has educated a who’s who list of the most well known spirits and cocktails professionals in the world.

Rum For All was created to showcase a group of producers, largely with their province in the Carribean Islands, in order to elevate rum to its rightful place as a venerable spirit alongside the cults of Whiske(y) and Cognac which “deserve the spotlight but none more so than the most versatile and agreeable spirit on the planet, Rum” as its manifesto states.

“Rum For All is a unique and impartial initiative supported by Rum producers with the express goal of bringing due respect to Rum’s singular role as a world-class adult beverage of pedigree, elegance and versatility.”

-F. Paul Pacault

Rum is inexorably intertwined with the Caribbean, which is easy to comprehend when observing that most of the world’s sugar cane has been grown here since the grass was introduced by Columbus. Rum is the most varied and versatile of all spirits, being that it’s only qualification to ostensibly be Rum is that it be made from sugar cane. It comes in a dizzying range of forms from light to dark, not to mention the world of spiced and flavored versions that have recently gained global popularity. Rum can be sipped straight or served in a huge number of classic and contemporary cocktails. 
Cask aged versions of Rum have been attracting great attention lately and with good reason. Rum has been aged in cask nearly since its invention due to the long trips across the world in barrels and has taken its rightful place alongside the world’s great sipping spirits. Our own noble blend of Aged White rums is immeasurably affected by it’s resting in whiskey barrels in the hot climate of the Carribean, where experts say that aging oak can be tripled in intensity and therefore happen in a much shorter time, due to the extreme temperatures that allow the wood and spirit to interact. Above all, as Rum for All points out, “Rum is for all seasons”. “When it’s hot, a refreshing and fruity Rum cocktail cools you. When you are relaxing after dinner, a glass of aged Rum satisfies you, and when the temperature dips, a hot buttered Rum warms you. It’s time to meet Rum again for the first time.”

So, if Rum is the perfect spirit for all seasons, what is the perfect drink NOW? We’d like to offer up a very easy and simple seasonal drink in the Rum Buck to celebrate the Rum for All initiative.  As they have so eloquently said “Rum is no longer “next”. Rum is now!”. We will drink to that…


Rum Buck or New Orleans Buck      


2 ozs Denizen Aged White Rum

1 oz orange juice

1 dash Angostura bitters (optional)

3 wedges of lime

ginger beer

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Lime Wedge

Instructions: Squeeze 2 lime wedges into the glass. Add ice and pour ingredients over ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with the remaining lime wedge and a straw.

Rum For All:  Rum is no longer “next.” Rum is now!

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