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Welcome to Rum Mixology

March 31, 2011

Hello world! We’re out to save you.

We’re here to save you from bland, flavorless cocktails and we’re going to do it one rum drink at a time.

During Prohibition, the golden age of the cocktail was shackled and, along with it, the great American craft of mixing delicious spirits into glorious cocktails.

Prohibition Closed Sign

Since that time, the flavor of rum has been distilled out of it by mass producers seemingly intent on dumbing down one of the world’s great spirits. The rum cocktail – one of the world’s great cocktail inventions – has fallen prey to the bland, characterless taste of most white rums  or the overpowering taste of dark rums .

We’re here to free the flavor of the rum cocktail and support the movement toward a new golden age of rum mixology.

In this, our first-ever post, we’ll tell you a little bit about who we are and what you can expect here.

Who We Are

We’re Denizen Rum; a brand new white rum created by master blenders in Amsterdam using hand-selected white rum from Trinidad aged over 5 years and 15 different types of Jamaican pot still rum. It’s been 3 years in the making and is our own contribution to the rum mixology movement and a stake in the ground for everyone who believes their rum drink should have integrity. Character. And, dare we say it, soul.

Rum Punch Drink

You can learn more about – including where you can find it – here:

On this blog, each week we’ll post a regular flow of cocktail ideas, best bars and more. You’ll find…

History of the Cocktail

Fun & interesting information from the past and what we can learn in bringing the golden era back.

Rum Drinks for the Occasion

Recipes for great rum drinks to suit every excuse for a cocktail from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve.

Simple Easy Rum Drinks

You won’t have to be a master mixologist to make these rum drinks as we’ll answer basic questions like: “How do I make a…? or “What can I make with…?”

Best Cocktail Bars

Drinking a rum drink at home is nice but it’s better being served by a professional mixologist with a fun crowd in a great setting. We’ll profile our favorite places to enjoy the new golden age of the cocktail.

Denizen Rum Cocktail Bar Photo


Mixologist of the Month

What’s a great cocktail bar without a great mixologist? We’ll profile some of the top craftsmen in the business and ask them to share their thoughts on life behind bars.

Amateur Mixologist of the Month

There’s one in every group; someone who is the liberated spirit of libation. We want to celebrate them and give them a place to share their rum cocktail concoctions. Is this you?

Denizen TV

A collection of helpful recipe videos, clips from cocktail bar events and more rum mixology.

It takes a village to make a good cocktail party so tell us what YOU would like to see here by commenting below.

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Next Week: Profile of Long Island City’s now-legendary Dutch Kills.

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